New vignettes:

  • Polarised orientation-averaged near fields
  • Reproducing cartesian `Higher-Order Polarizability Tensors’ for a dimer
  • Validation against MSTM v4 for orientation-averaged cross-sections
  • Validation against coupled-dipole approximation for far-field circular dichroism

Bug fix

  • Block matrices LR and RL were swapped, resulting in a (small) error when computing scattering circular dichroism

User-facing changes

  • MapOaQuantity [p] has a new format (polarised or unpolarised); if specific polarisation(s) are requested, they are taken from the Incidence keyword

New functionality

  • implemented conversion of multipoles l <  = 3 into cartesian “alpha tensor”
  • implemented polarised (L or R) orientation-averaged near-fields E2, B2, and LDOC (note: the results are incorrect inside spheres)

Low level changes

  • calcOaExtField renamed calcOaNFUnpol
  • calcOaLDOC renamed calcOaNF; now combines calculation of LDOC and field intensities (many terms are common)
  • new routine alphaTensor

R utilities

  • export_cubature() utility function to produce an incidence file suitable for TERMS from the cubs package.
  • removed dependency on reshape2; using tidyr instead


  • updated examples for release
  • new version of pkgdown, some css tweaks

R code

  • some helper functions for hdf5 format
  • vignette schematics in x3d format


  • added support for hdf5
  • added computation of local degree of optical chirality
  • added computation of Stokes vectors and Mueller matrices
  • multi-wavelength calculations of near-fields
  • near field maps have more options (E, B, C) and include information about material regions


  • Cmake is now used for building terms


  • initial website using pkgdown

R code

  • basic package structure
  • examples in Rmd format (“vignettes”)
  • basic utilities in R/