This example illustrates the use of a custom dielectric function stored externally, which is interpolated by TERMS. We compare the far-field cross-sections for a dimer of silver spheres, using the built-in dielectric function of Ag (Drude model, from Etchegoin and Le Ru), and that of Yang et al, Phys. Rev. B 91, 235137 (2015) stored in Ag_PRB.txt

This second simulation with a user-defined dielectric function uses the following input file

Wavelength 300 600 300
Medium 1.7689 # epsilon of water
OutputFormat HDF5 Ag_PRB

DielectricFunctions 1

Scatterers 2
DF1 0.0 -50.0 0.0 30.0
DF1 0.0  50.0 0.0 30.0

Orientation-averaged results

Last run: 05 December, 2023