Open source software

TERMS T-matrix for Electromagnetic Radiation with Multiple Scatterers is a set of Fortran modules/routines for T-matrix-based calculations and analysis of light scattering by clusters of individual scatterers.

Coupled-dipole simulations for electromagnetic scattering of light by sub-wavelength particles in arbitrary 3-dimensional configurations. Scattering and absorption spectra are simulated by inversion of the interaction matrix, or by an order-of-scattering approximation scheme. High-level functions are provided to simulate spectra with varying angles of incidence, as well as with full angular averaging. (Julia, Matlab, and R/C++ versions available)

SMARTIES (Spheroids Modelled Accurately with a Robust T-matrix Implementation for Electromagnetic Scattering) is a suite of Matlab codes for the calculation of the optical properties of oblate and prolate spheroidal particles, with comparable capabilities and ease-of-use as Mie theory for spheres.

Numerical integration on the sphere. Implements 7 cubature methods: 'lebedev', 'sphericaldesigns', 'gl', 'fibonacci', 'grid', 'qmc', 'random'

Solves the electromagnetic problem of reflection and transmission at a planar multilayer interface. Also computed are the decay rates and emission profile for a dipolar emitter.

Defines some physical constants and dielectric functions commonly used in nano-optics.

Access to a family of Gauss error functions for arbitrary complex arguments provided via the 'Faddeeva' package by Steven G. Johnson.

Mie scattering (R version). See SPLAC for a more complete Matlab package.
See also our online widget for Au and Ag spheres.